Hi again!

I wrote my first line of code in 2017, the seventh grade for me. I found myself fascinated with computers and worked with them until my freshman year when I built and published a site for a web design service I could offer to anyone that might have been interested. It was slow and dependent on word of mouth. Garnering years of experience since then, I now offer an array of design services meant to take someone's passion or an organization's vision to the next level. In my spare time, I like to row, run, box, and watch a good movie on a roof.

Portrait in Financial District

How I work

After an inquiry, I'll gather whatever information I need before finding a time to talk over zoom, the phone, coffee, or whatever is most convenient. I'll use the time to understand the vision, goals, time, and money involved with the project in a free consultation. If we both like how things look ahead of us, we'll discuss the next steps and hit the ground running, starting with sketches and mockups before getting started on the product. Whether it's a website, a logo, copy/editing, brand building, or anything in between, I keep the iterative design process in close collaboration with the client (unless they prefer to give creative freedom and step back.) The project will go through a rigorous, attention-to-detail-oriented design process; when we're happy with the final finished product, I'll send an invoice (if applicable) and stay in contact for any services, maintenance, or changes that come up afterward.

Time and money

I make a point to respect your time and charge far less than other freelance designers. While other freelancers may offer their services for a few thousand dollars per project, I work for rates well under $1000 almost exclusively. The project is on your schedule, and we'll spend as much time as needed to make it perfect. The reason: I am a student, don't do this for money, and want the process of bringing a vision to life through my work to be seamless and easy—if there are pros to starting a project with me, there shouldn't be cons.

not-web-design stuff

We'll come back to this.