Who I am

I wrote my first line of code in 2017, the seventh grade for me. I found myself fascinated with computers and worked with them until my freshman year when I began a web design service. I wanted to build things for all the talent I was surrounded with at school and in my beloved home city. Garnering years of experience since then, I've expanded my services and sharpened the skills involved to most efficiently and effectively provide for those who ask.

I love to row, run, practice MMA, watch a movie on a roof, and make a good coffee. I am a barista in my spare time and study cognitive science at Cal.

Portrait in Financial District

Time and money

Freelance stuff has never been about the money to me. Nor has it been about a resume. I am adamant about being as human as possible when it comes to cost and working together. I follow a pay-what-you-can model. Most of my portfolio's projects were completed free of charge. Time wise, websites take anywhere from a few days to about a month for the most complicated projects. Provided with all materials and opinions necessary, I normally complete a project in about 2 weeks. Payment is done half on beginning the project and half upon completion unless another plan is necessary.

How I work

I am rigorous in my work and laid back where it matters: I try to talk like a human, avoiding sounding like a string of corporate buzzwords or tech-guy jargon. I believe being overly methodical can impede the speed of delivery and interfere with representation of your vision.

When working, I am as detail-intensive as possible. "Little" things functioning incorrectly can sour impressions regardless of how nice the rest of the project might be; small functional treasures and eye candies throughout the design impress without holes. Details make the design, and I don't forget that we remember the little things.

The process normally begins with a good talk and time/money estimate, followed by sketches and idea-trading, then development with continuous feedback and providing of content, and finally thorough review and an intensive editing period until it feels right. After the project is published, I remain open to contact for maintenance or anything else, completely free of charge, indefinitely.

not-web-design stuff

We'll come back to this.