What can I help you with?

Hopefully, a lot. Below is a list of services I have worked with in the past and am happy to offer. Most (all) projects will require something a little more dynamic than something off the shelf—and will be evaluated in consultation with such in mind—but to give you an idea...

Custom websites

Sites are made hand-coded or with Webflow/WordPress/Wix or other design platforms. A discovery session to understand your vision, goals, audience, and design preferences. I will analyze similar websites, compare and discuss them with you, and understand how to make ours as different as you are. I will present sketches and mockups in discussion with you until we know enough to knock out the development once it starts. I put careful attention to detail into the user experience, SEO, the accomplishment of design goals, and everything in between.

Hosting, SEO, domains

Parallel to the design and development process is configuring the infrastructure surrounding your page. I can help you through finding and acquiring the right domain and hosting (with cost and goals), getting your website secured with SSL (the lock before the URL), and anything else involved in the process of getting the project launched.

Brand building

Your brand is more than just its online presence. I offer peripheral services like social media management, developing a sound content strategy, newsletters, and optimizing your content and copy for accomplishing your goals.


I work for $20 an hour and will send invoices upon completing project milestones (like finishing the planning and blueprinting, launching the site, etc.) For any nonprofits or charities, I can work free of charge. Rates will always be discussed in the consultation; I am adamant about following a pay-what-you-can model.