Curricula Vitae

George Flint

Boston, MA;
Berkeley, CA


University of California, Berkeley
Undergraduate, Class of 2026
Cognitive Sciences, 3.8


Testing a Distributional Semantics Account of Grammatical Gender Effects on Semantic Gender Perception
George Flint, Anna Ivanova
Preprint - CogSci 2024


Researcher - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

May 2023 - present

Cambridge, MA

  • Led a first-authorship study on linguistic relativity in word embeddings and human participants, accepted for publication in CogSci 2024
  • Designed, developed, and executed computerized and human experiments, data collection and processing, statistical analyses, and academic writing to report results
  • Conducted MRI scans and data analyses for “Interesting Brains” study on brain-lesioned but phenotypically normal individuals
  • Currently working on compositionality and syntactic possibility versus semantic plausibility in LLMs
  • Leading study on semantic projections onto least reductive dimensionality reduction in word embedding spaces

Machine Learning Engineer - Launchpad (UC Berkeley)

January 2024 - present

Berkeley, CA

  • Developing model and surrounding architecture to detect valid versus invalid exercises and provide form correction suggestions for invalid ones

Instructor - University of California, Berkeley

January 2023 - May 2023

Berkeley, CA

  • Sole designer and instructor of Linguistics 198: Thoughtbending course
  • Designed course topicality, structure, lectures, assignments from scratch
  • Instructed >50 students

Full Stack Web Developer - contract work

November 2018 - present

Boston, MA & Berkeley, CA

  • Provided web design, graphic design, & content management systems for dozens of clients
  • Services have been and will continue to be free for nonprofits, and pay-what-you-can (if not free) for individuals

Areas of Interest

Theoretical linguistics, linguistic relativity, grammatical gender, interaction between linguistic and nonlinguistic networks

LLMs & NLP, word embedding spaces & semantic projection

Neuroplasticity & Entropic Brain Theory, Multiple Demand Network & Language Network, Default Mode Network


Programming Languages: Python, HTML, CSS, JS, SQL, PHP, R
Developer Tools: Git, Google Cloud Platform, VS Code, RStudio, Qualtrics, Google Sheets, Google Apps Script
Libraries: FastText, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, pandasDB, BeautifulSoup, Word2Vec, Gensim, GloVe, BERT, OpenAI API
Machinery: Siemens fMRI scanning and data analysis
Certifications: CITI Biomedical Research Code of Conduct, CITI Biomedical Research Investigators, MRI Yellowbadge
Spoken Languages: English (native), Spanish (fluent), Dutch (intermediate), Italian (intermediate), Esperanto (beginner)

Licenses & Certifications

CITI Biomedical Research Code of Conduct
May 2023, MIT

CITI Biomedical Research Investigators
May 2023, MIT

MRI Yellowbadge
May 2023, MIT

Personal Interests & Activities

High dimensional embedding spaces and information capture therein (for example least reductive dimensionality reductions)
Semantic search
Broadly, information theory, theoretical linguistics, linguistic relativity in organic and inorganic linguistic cognition, interaction and abstraction barriers between linguistic and nonlinguistic networks
Grammatical gender and other systems of language-wide intralinguistic marking, their information capture
Neuroplasticity & Entropic Brain Theory, Multiple Demand Network & Language Network, Default Mode Network
Cal Boxing Team, Gym and Food Plan Chair, Risk manager for Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, marathon running (Boston, 2021; Big Sur, 2023)


Anna Ivanova
Postdoctoral Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Carol Jenkins
Co-President and CEO of The ERA Coalition and the Fund for Women’s Equality
+1 (646) 596-2550